Wednesday 5 November 2014

Getting The Car Blessed...

We just got back from a long weekend in Wakayama, where the in-laws live. When we arrived Jii-chan picked us up in his brand new car! So, we needed to go to the shrine to get it blessed.
Ebi-kun wanted a lucky charm, there are 5 colours each with a different meaning and you get a prediction for the year too, I can't remember what his said but it was a good one. If it's bad you fold the paper then tie it to a tree in the shrine grounds, leaving the bad luck there.

Next up was the car blessing. Jii-chan bought an amulet which was taken to this shine - many shrines have a speciality, so you might got a specific one if you are ill and are praying to get better or another if you are looking for a safe pregnancy. This one if for safe passage with the car. I imagine it's quite busy considering how terrible the driving is in Wakayama, Jii-chan is no exception!

So there was some banging on the drum and some chanting, waving of bells and more chanting and praying and then we had to go back to the car...

All the doors and the boot and bonnet had to be opened then another priest came and waved his sacred stick around, freeing the car of any evil spirits. All very interesting! and a first for me.

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