Sunday 11 January 2015

Happy New Year 2015

I know, a bit late, but better late than never hey?

We headed up to Yuzawa Nakazato for a few days, it's a great family resort and we have been a couple of times before so we were familiar with how everything worked this time.

The weather the first day wasn't great, once we had hired skis and board we did a couple of runs down and decided to book Ebi-kun in for a lesson after lunch.

He has a private lesson and me and the hub managed to get a few runs in before the time was up. Hubby snowboards but he and Ebi-kun were at logged heads, the instructor could spot where Ebi-kun was going wrong straight away and sorted him out, best ¥6000 yen spent! After and hour Ebi-kun was sorted and we could get on and enjoy ourselves.

Visibility wasn't great and it was cold but I learned to ski in Avimore in Scotland and a view like this would have been considered pretty clear lol!

One of the reasons I like this place is because of the convenience. When you get off the train, you go over the train lines and you are in the ski centre where all the ski hire and lockers are and you literally walk out the door and you are on the slopes. The shot above was taken from just outside the ski centre and the people are queuing for the lift.

We were booked in at a BandB type of place, they will come and pick you up from the slopes. The rooms are small but cosy and the whole floor is heated, if anything it gets a bit too warm in the night! It's called Guest House Vingt-Neuf , the owners speak English and are lovely. The meals are set menu, so for example, the first night we had mixed plate of salami, cheeses, squid and some fishy thing and some spinach, followed by veg soup and then a delicious slow cooked beef dish with rice and kaki ice-cream for dessert. The second night we had ham salad, clam chowder, grilled chicken with mash and rice and chocolate mousse. 

Breakfast is a buffet, both days there were a variety of Japanese dishes, pickles, rice, miso soup with that on the first day was sausage, poached eggs, toast and fresh fruit and the second day a mix of sandwiches. Plus drinks of course. Even though I don't eat fish, I still had plenty to eat, I think if you have a special dietary need you need to contact them before you book.

Needless to say we were all shattered so after a hot bath and dinner we all collapsed into bed!

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