Monday 12 January 2015

Yuzawa Nakazato

Our second day was much better, the weather was lovely, the sun was out and there was 30cm of fresh powder snow to play in! The mountain really is stunning...

It wasn't very busy either, which was great for me, I hate it iwhen it gets busy - still a tad nervous on the slopes (for those who don't know, I broke my leg, badly, skiing when I was 17, I was told I would never walk without a limp - that they got wrong but I never regained the kamikaze type confidence I had before!)

Ebi-kun came on in leaps and bounds, it was pretty impossible for me to keep up and video him at the same time...

Quick break of hot chocolate, I see myself in him so much, he keeps on going even when he is exhausted, not a good trait to have picked up!

Just outside the guest house... just a bit of snow!

And the view from our room...

Another great but exhausting day!

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