Wednesday 28 October 2015

Halloween 2015

Yes, I know it's early but we have to hold the party when everyone can make it and unfortunately the 31st wasn't a good day for it! But that doesn't stop us!

This year Ebi-kun wanted to give the zombie look a miss and go for something more blood suckily exciting... I have to say (and I might be slightly biased here) he does make one fine vampire!

We had a great potluck with some delicious dishes such as the Monster Eye and werewolf claws...

Baked bat wings, nom, nom (OK it's chicken!)

And some tasty severed fingers with chopped flesh and black spaghetti - doesn't that look appetising! I'm considering turning up with some cute Disney themed food next year just to see everyone's reaction :D

Our host lives across from a big park so he fired up the BBQ, just look at the racks of ribs - not exciting unless you live in Japan and you know how hard they are to come by!

Trick or Treat was a bit more complicated this year as the kids were given a map with picture clues and they had to figure out which house matched which clue before they could go and ring the bell. After that Ebi-kun did his game and then the kids just played as the adults nattered and drank!

We did have one casualty and I thought Ebi-kun had inflicted the injury at first, it turned out that heading a football with your sunglasses on the top of your head is a really bad idea!

Once it went dark we moved inside and the kids watched Back To The Future as we continued chatting (and drinking!)

Lots of fun was had by all, and I think we make quite a handsome Vampire family (my husband doesn't seem to think so, he managed to bruise his face whilst taking off the make-up, nope, I have no idea how either!)

Ebi-kun has already told me he is looking forward to his Halloween Muffin Tin Tin, so no doubt there will be at least one more halloween post before the end of the month!

And a quick plug, just in case you missed it! Get yourself the Fast & Fun Ghoulish Halloween Treats ebook & BONUS printable labels...

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