Wednesday 28 October 2015

Techie Byte - How To Set Up Canned Responses In Gmail

Today's Techie Byte is brought to you by Little Miss LazyArse.

Or maybe Little Miss Efficiency is a better name!

Do you ever feel like you are sending the same reply out to people again and again. You know, those frequently Asked Questions, which are often down to people being too lazy to look for the answer or maybe you haven't yet added a FAQ page to the website. Anyhoooo... gmail has the answer, of course it would!

Canned responses - they rock!

These are perfect for those never ending questions that require the same answer and you can set a number of them for different situations. You can either sit and set a few up now or wait until the next time you get aforementioned repetitive email, write the responses and before you hit send, save it as a canned response. I will share all the deets in the video....

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  1. Brilliant. I had no idea about these and definitely need it in my life, thanks so much for the clear explanation

    1. I know! Saves me so much time! Happy it was helpful :)


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