Tuesday 27 October 2015

The BEST Halloween game ever....

And no, I'm not exaggerating! 

This game was a massive hit, so much fun to put together and to play. 

We have a Halloween party at a friends house, it is potluck for food and each family organizes a game or activity and the host organizes a the trick and treating (Halloween is taking off in Japan but still very much an organized thing, you can't just rock up to someone's door and ask for candy!)

Ebi-kun wanted to do a game inspired by his Taste Tests: Ebi-kun Eats show. So it was pretty much all his idea, I just helped him work out the kinks as it were.

What you need:

  • A box big enough to hold all your ingredients
  • small spoons
  • 2 dice
  • 6 'sauces'
  • 6 'toppings' *
  • Active imagination

*Ebi-kun decided if a 6 was rolled the player would have to eat bugs instead!

The first roll of the dice would be the sauce and the second a topping, then we brainstormed (and poked around in the cupboard) to find suitable foods. Some sweet and some savory - we wanted some things that would be great together and some that.... blugh... not.

Once we had the food list we gave them more suitable names so the players had NO idea what they were going to get.

Dracula's Dangerous Delicacy

Top row sauces...

  1. ketchup
  2. mayo
  3. peanut butter
  4. chopped jelly (jello)
  5. match cream (green tea cream)
  6. bugs (jelly shaped bugs)
Bottom row toppings...

  1. konbu seaweed
  2. choco baby drops
  3. puffed rice
  4. raisins
  5. all bran cereal
  6. bugs (jelly shaped bugs)

How to play:

All the ingredients were in the box along with small spoons, Ebi-kun was in charge and he would get the player to roll the dice, one at a time. Then I would put the ingredient on the spoon and then repeat for the topping. Some of the combo's worked well, some not so much and some were surprising! Ketchup and raisins are actually not that bad...

The rule was, if they didn't spit it out, they could get a sweet/candy from the bag, talk about incentive!

And yes, we made the parents do it too...

Almost all the kids came back for a 2nd or 3rd go!

Not even vampires could get out of it...

Spiderman kept coming back for more, he had 5 goes, then I ran out of spoons!

No child was forced to play but they all wanted a turn, even the fussier eaters gave it a go. We didn't have anyone attending with allergies, that would obviously be something to pay attention to if you decide to do the game. 

Make sure you have a good supply of spoons! I used the little ice-cream spoons from the ¥100 store.

Let us know if you play!

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  1. That sounds like a pretty fun and cool game Ebi-kun! We will have to try it out!

  2. We played this game at my school's Hallowe'en party today and it was a lot of fun! The younger children were a lot more adventurous than the older ones! Thanks for the fabulous idea!

    1. Funny that! It was the little ones that kept coimg back for more!

    2. I think the youngers ones (three year olds) were just excited to be eating something..anything..haha! They didn't even flinch at garlic paste and chocolate. All good.


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