Friday 26 August 2016

Euro Tour 2016 - draws to an end

Well, today sees the final train ride on our epic journey, a rather uneventful affair into London then onto to Stoke where my mom picked us up from the station and then it was round to my uncle and Aunts for Sunday lunch.

My uncle Gra AKA Hairy Scary, does amazing sunday roasts with loads of veg and all the trimmings and pudding too! I was full to bursting by the time we had done!

My cousin came round too with her kids, we missed them last year due to a clash of holidays so it was good to catch up this time. The boys had fun playing swing ball and football. M is nearly as tall as Ebi-kun now!

Ebi-kun also got to sit on Tez's bike, he thought that was rather cool.

It's great to see how Ebi-kun has been getting on so well with all the kids along the way, and he always says afterwards that he really enjoyed playing with them and wants another play date the next day! There is often a few minutes of awkwardness when they first get together and then they are off! Makes my heart swell.

I think all three of them will be heart breakers when they are older, such cute kids!

Driving back to moms the sun was setting so we took a wee detour up to the moor where I grew up, it really is a beautiful place!

We also spotted some lamas which were looking quite odd since they had recently be shorn! This one was quite the looker!

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