Sunday 14 August 2016

Euro Tour 2016 - Bratislava

[Aug 6th]

Another early start as we head off to conquer another country. 
Cousin Kirsty lived and worked in Brataslava for 8 months a few years ago so she knows her way around. 

When you walk from the station down to the old town, the buildings are a bit grim and it looks like a shoddier, cheaper version of Vienna. The old town though is much more charming. Lots of cute building and little streets, outside cafes and people just milling around. It didn't feel busy or crowded, had a very laid back feel about it, especially for a capital city.

The Presidential Palace - not as grand as some of the buildings we saw in Vienna.

This was a musical thing, your tread on each square to make a note.

Dotted around are some fun statues, I think we found all but the photographer. Her we are hanging with Napoleon

We also spotted the cannonball that Napoleon fired, it is embedded in the wall of the church.

Cousin Kirsty had said that if Ebi-kun saw something he wanted then she would get it for him for his birthday. Ebi-kun decided he wan't a cap like Hari, a Hari Hat as he called it. We found one with Slovakia on it so it doubled as a souvenir too! He was so excited to have a Hari hat!

We then took a wander down the river to a Czech restaurant which Kirsty recommended and she was spot on. We decide to order 3 local dishes and share them. Goualash, svickova and deep fried cheese. They were all good, really good and so was the rather large beer - I'm glad I didn't order the large size!

svickova - roast beef with creamy carrot sauce and dumplings

goulash dumplings and potato cakes

deep fried cheese

Then we went to have a look at the Blue Church, it is indeed very blue, you can't go in though, just look through the front door. We had a brilliant comedy moment walking down the street, Ebi-kun was doing a duck impression, I'm not sure why and Kirsty was watching him and walked into a sign post. I nearly peed myself laughing and it has become one of the iconic moments of the trip. Not sure Kirsty was impressed with Ebi-kun and I in tears!

Opposite the Blue Church was a building from the communist era, makes you think that living in a communist state wasn't exactly full of beauty!

When Kirsty gave Ebi-kun the guide book for Bratislava and asked hime where he wanted to go, he said the Bratislava Hrad (castle)! So off we went! It was a bit of a yomp up to the top and it was a hot day but we made it and there is a great view from the top. You can see all the concrete block buildings over the river from the communist era, such a contrast to the pretty old town. 

We found pretty gardens around the back of the castle and sat and chilled out there for a while. Watching brides get their wedding photos taken. 

We then headed back to the old town for ice-cream, Ebi-kuns treat! Kirsty speaks German but not Slovak so it was a bit of a guess on what kind of ice-cream we were getting.

Then we had a little time to kill before our train so we had one last look for the photographer statue before heading back to Vienna and more Pokemon hunting!

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