Wednesday 24 August 2016

Euro Tour 2016 - Brighton BBQ with friends and family

[13th Aug]

Not only does my best mate live in Brighton, my uncle lives there too, he is just 4 years older than me, so he has always been more like a cousin or annoying older brother than an uncle. Di kindly offered to do a BBQ so we could invite uncle Si and the family around along with some other random friends.

But first the boys needed to burn off some energy so it was down the park for football training with Mark. This is the third year that Ebi-kun has joined, he really enjoys it, which baffles me because Mark is very old school in his coaching techniques. No pussy footing around, he bollocks the kids if they are getting it wrong and praises them when they get it right, his favourite phrase is ... you doughnut!

After training Ebi-kun came into the kitchen as said "Mark really likes his doughnuts doesn't he?" Mark is, shall we say, quite portly so Di was aghast and thought Ebi-kun was quite out of character being so rude! Ebi-kun was referring to Marks favourite phrase though, certainly made me laugh.

Annoyingly Ebi-kun has picked up the phrase and is now calling everyone a doughnut! gah!

Rob got his BBQ on, he did a great job, everything got demolished! I don't think there were any leftovers!

It was quite an eclectic mix of people, Rob's best mates, my uncle and family and the next door neighbours. The kids got on well and we didn't have any fights - which is always a good thing if you ask me! 

They were quite busy playing football, rugby sevens and shooting each other with nerf guns.

I think there was some team plotting going on here, Ebi-kun and my littlest cousin...

We had to get the family shot, this is actually the best one of the bunch, which doesn't say much for the rest really!

And Neil got the job of rescuing the balls that had gone over the fence, luckily Ry has about 15 footballs, so it takes them a while to run out of balls!

The drink flowed and the kids were still running around shooting each other quite late, it was a good job I had packed the bags before the madness began! Great day with old friends and new and lovely to catch up with family too!

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